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Swing Mooring Pontoons are a patented award winning design that relates to boat moorings that require a circular area known as "Swing or Buoy Moorings". Typically vessels over five meters are moored on Swing or Buoy Moorings in rivers, lakes and harbours.

Swing Mooring Pontoons allow a greater number of vessels to be moored in a given area or alternately can be employed to reduce the area occupied by moored vessels for navigational or environmental reasons. The size and scale of the pontoons can vary to accommodate vessels of different length and beam without departing from the scope of the design.

Some of the Advantages of Swing Mooring Pontoon's (SMP's)

  • SMP's can allow two vessels to be moored within the area typically required by one vessel.
  • SMP'can enable existing moored vessels to be moored in half the area they presently occupy.
  • SMP's can create a greater area for navigation in crowded mooring areas without affecting the established ceiling for vessel numbers.
  • SMP's can offer owners with two vessels on separate moorings the opportunity to moor their vessels on one mooring. 
  • SMP's can be employed to reduce the damage to sensitive marine environments caused by mooring apparatus. 
  • SMP's can provide temporary moorings for yacht races, fishing contests, boat shows and major aquatic events. 
  • SMP'scan offer marine authorities an opportunity to reduce existing waiting lists and re structure mooring areas. 
  • SMP's can provide additional moorings in popular areas with long waiting lists.
  • SMP's can create a new source of revenue from the additional swing mooring berths created.